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About Me


I am a Vancouver based special event photographer who has been documenting events professionally since 2008. My passion and dedication to my art is complimented by my background in marketing, which has allowed me to produce images of the highest caliber while also having an innate understanding of my clients’ business objectives. Some of the companies I’ve worked with include:


My relationship with photography started from a very young age when I found myself flipping through an issue of the National Geographic. I couldn’t explain it, but seeing all the images of animals, nature, and the abstract moved me in ways that no other art form could.

In 2005 I got my hands on my first camera. The absolute joy I felt at capturing my first images with my own camera was indescribable. It was like discovering, for the very first time, something I was meant to do since the day I was born.

Photography went from being a hobby to an obsession, and the idea of doing it professionally entered my mind for the first time in 2007. I purchased a better camera that same year, and the rest they say is history.

If you would like to consider working with me on your next event, please submit a quote request form and I'll be in touch with you soon.